Big Butts, Fat Thighs Book Cover

by | Jul 7, 2012 | New Projects

Big Butts, Fat Thighs book cover

At right is the cover for the book Big Butts, Fat Thighs, and Other Secrets to Success by Laura Black. This self-help book for professional women is self-published by the author, who hired Sensical Design to produce it. She gave us a fairly specific brief for the cover: use strong, solid type; use black and red; and emphasize the title, which of course is fairly long. We didn’t want to do anything too obvious or tacky, like showing a photo of a woman’s behind, but still wanted to bring out the humor inherent in the title. We were very happy with the visual pun in this typographic solution (if you don’t see it right away, squint a little).

Laura Black says, “I love working with Dan! He is a consummate professional, responsive, and oh so creative. Both the cover and interior design for Big Butts, Fat Thighs, and Other Secrets to Success surpassed my expectations. His talent speaks for itself.”

The book is available from the author’s website,