Horseshoe Crab: Biography of a Survivor

Book Design

Client: Ruka Press

Award winner: Washington Book Publishers Design Effectiveness Awards

The cover of Horseshoe Crab: Biography of a Survivor by Anthony D. Fredericks, released by Ruka Press in May 2012. Horseshoe crabs have ten eyes, five pairs of walking legs, a heart half the length of their bodies, and have been on this planet for 445 million years. They have been used as a fertilizer, provide food for migratory birds, and their blood may one day save your life. Join acclaimed science writer Anthony D. Fredericks as he journeys to the Delaware Bay, the Florida Pan­handle, and many other places in be­tween on a quest through the natural history and science behind one of nature’s oldest and oddest survivors. Original illustration by Leslie Prunty. See for more.


Flat cover with spine and back cover, dorsal and ventral views of horseshoe crab