Israeli Embassy 70th Anniversary

Branding & Book Design

Client: Embassy of Israel

For the 70th anniversary of the Israeli Embassy in Washington in May 2018, we were asked to design a commemorative photo book and a logo. The book honors 70 Americans (or groups of Americans) that have supported Israel over the years. Each received a spread of photos and a short biographical essay. The book is not offered for sale; it was distributed as an exclusive gift by the embassy.

The logo is meant to highlight the special relationship between Israel and the U.S. It appears on the cover of the book and was used for the Embassy’s anniversary celebration on May 14. It was even used on a medal given to the honorees and their families.

This was a big project on a tight turnaround, and everyone was very pleased with how it turned out. If you would like to see more of this or discuss doing something similar, please contact us.

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Flat cover showing front cover with logo, back cover with quote, flaps and spine
Photo of book open and closed
Interior spread: title page
Interior spread: Nathan and Lina Straus
Interior spread: Albert Einstein
Interior spread: Norman Podhoretz
Interior spread: Jean Kirkpatrick
Interior spread: The Mayors
Scruffy designer standing in front of logo projected on wall during event