Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Editorial Design

Client: Kiplinger/Future PLC

Before starting Sensical Design nearly 20 years ago, Daniel Kohan worked as associate art director for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine. In the fall of 2021, the magazine’s editor, Mark Solheim, contacted us because the art director had left and they needed help. What was meant to be a temporary assignment as consulting art director ended up stretching over 20 issues, wrapping up in May 2023 when they decided to bring the role back in-house. Working with a staff designer for most of the time (but all by ourselves for a few issues), we assigned illustration and photography, designed all the covers and cover stories, designed many other features and departments, and redesigned some sections of the magazine.

Editor Mark Solheim said, “Dan understood our publication and was able to choose illustrators and create layouts that enlivened our sometimes dry financial content. He exceeded my expectations, freshening up our look and pushing the boundaries in ways that have enhanced the magazine. Dan also created our covers, which reflected his smart, insightful understanding of our content as well as his understated humor. Dan fit seamlessly into our senior staff and also trained a new art director while working quickly and efficiently. He would still be with us if corporate restructuring and cost cutting had not interceded.”

Scroll down for some of our favorite covers and interior spreads.

Kiplinger's magazine December 2021 cover
Kiplinger's magazine December 2021 cover
Kiplinger's magazine August 2022 cover
Kiplinger's magazine December 2022 issue
Kiplinger's magazine April 2023 issue
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