CCRC Logo Project

by | Jul 22, 2010 | New Projects

CCRC logo before and after

We’ve recently completed a logo redesign for a nonprofit, the California Civil Rights Coalition. CCRC is a statewide alliance of civil rights organizations, activists, educators, lawyers, and advocates. Their existing logo (top) was a generic map of California matched with a wide, industrial-looking typeface. They wanted something that spoke more directly to their mission as a civil rights organization concerned with equal justice for Californians. At the same time, they wanted to place more emphasis on the acronym CCRC, rather than their long name. We presented several options, and they chose the faces in profile image shown here.

According to Rabia Shirazi of Realize Ink, who managed this project, “Dan did an outstanding job for the client and now I’m working with him directly for my own shop. He’s talent and smarts and creativity rolled in one. Not to mention he’s super great to work with–first designer I’ve ever worked with that delivered ahead of time and went above and beyond for my client!!”

Note: this was updated in October because they rearranged their initials after the logo was done. C’est la vie!