New Red Cell Books

by | Jul 21, 2010 | New Projects

Book covers for Red Cell Publishing

We’ve recently completed two books for the same client, Red Cell Publishing, for which we recently won an award. The first, Iran’s Dirty Banking, delves into the Iranian government’s attempts to skirt monetary sanctions, and names the foreign and U.S. banks that are helping them do it. It contains approximately 100 pages of complex tables and was designed and laid out in just three weeks. The second, On the Trail of Terror Finance, is a companion to Tainted Money, a primer on money laundering, this time aimed directly at law enforcement. The covers for both of these were designed to pick up typographic elements of the Tainted Money cover, in order to create a consistent house style without sacrificing their individual voices. They’re printing now and will be available on Amazon shortly.

“I am very happy with the end product,” said John Cassara, coauthor of On the Trail of Terror Finance. “Dan listens to his clients. He is professional, innovative, responsive, on-time, and a delight to work with.”