by | May 3, 2019 | New Projects, Sensical News

For the past few years, we have worked with innovative Baltimore theater company Submersive Productions on a pro-bono basis, helping out with typography and identity design for their productions. Submersive specializes in immersive theater experiences, where the audience doesn’t sit in seats and watch actors on a stage, but rather mingles with the performers and participates in some way in the production. Their most recent show, titled “MASS/RABBLE,” was a collaborative movement production addressing themes of migration and mass movement of people. It was a large-scale production with more than 30 performers and up to 100 audience members moving together in a giant space at the Baltimore War Memorial.

Our brief was to create a logotype that would convey the idea of mass movement and be adaptable and extendable to both print and online promotion. Our solution was to build the logo from a field of dots, with the words built from the negative space between the dots. The somewhat organized, somewhat handmade appearance of the field of dots could then be adapted to other uses.

Glenn Ricci, co-artistic director for Submersive, said, “Dan was able to take a deep understanding of our project and create a wordmark that conveyed the spirit of the show every time somebody read the title.”