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by | Feb 19, 2020 | Sensical News, Website Updates

No, your eyes are not deceiving you (if you’ve been here before): Sensical Design is all new. We’re celebrating 17(!) years in business by reworking our branding and redesigning our website. Why, you may ask? Well, a few reasons:

  1. it’s been 17 years since we designed the logo and, as durable as it’s been, and as much as clients have liked it, it was starting to feel old, in that indefinable way that design can start to feel old
  2. it’s been 10 years since we built the website (although it’s been tweaked since). We wanted it to be more portfolio focused and less bloggy, and get rid of outdated code along the way
  3. We’ve owned the “” web domain for a bit and wanted to start using it, because it’s cool.

Hence, we started by reworking the logo to focus on (and drop “& Communication”), retaining our trademark orange color. You can see some of the final variations on the right. Then we built an all-new WordPress website that puts the portfolio front and center, rather than the news feed. We also narrowed the portfolio down to our primary focus areas and weeded out various old projects. After a few weeks of testing, rewriting, and refining, time to let it run.

Now it’s your turn. Any big flaws? Anything not working? Use the contact form down below to let us know what you think, good or bad. (We should note that all the blog entries prior to this one were transferred over from the old site and may be missing images or something, particularly as they get older. Let’s not dwell in the past, shall we?)

If, after poking around, you’re feeling inspired to hire us for a little design work, well, we don’t blame you. We happen to think we’re pretty good at it. As we said, our contact info is right down below. Thanks!

Logo variations